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found some chairs I was looking for at affordable seating. Saved over 200 dollars to have it shipped to a business address as opposed to a residence. I'm ok with that. what I am not ok with is 1 out of the 6 chairs I received is different.

it's shorter and the material is different. I notified the company, they had me send in pictures of the differences then never heard a word from them again. They won't return phone calls and won't field my contact via email.

now I know I'm just a little consumer, but very computer literate. They probably don't understand the power of the internet, and the power one has to post poor reviews over this issue. They will lose more than the 50 bucks it takes to make me happy in people reconsidering ordering from them after reading less than rave reviews.

in the end it will cost them less than 50 dollars to send me the proper seat I ordered. but since they have made it apparent to me that my issue is irrelevant then I'm sure they won't mind me getting on every review site I can find and write a reviewew of what I think.

I'm disappointed in the quality control and customer service I received from Affordable Seating. There are plenty of other places on the net I will use next time. This place is off my list to use again. and I can honestly state I do NOT recommend them. Shipping costs seemed very high. but I really have no proof to verify that. Shipping date was later than originally posted, and it took many inquiries to get a response as to when my order was to ship.

now..this stuff obviously came from china. but the person who fulfilled the order should of saw that one chair of the 6 was different. And the company should of made an effort to resolve my issue.

I rate them a 1..

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Seating Chair.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I ordered stools from them two different times the service was very good and I just put a 20,000 order in for my new restaurent. Price and service is very good. No problems


I had a similar yet different case with them. I ordered 21 chairs, 2 of them came a little damaged.

I was also asked to photograph the chair and email it to the company but I have to say that they were very nice about it.

they apologized and said they will send me new chairs but they did say it will take some time for them to arrive as they were out of stock for that model. I was given a choice between waiting 3 weeks for the new chairs or getting a refund for them. I wasn't very happy about it but since I liked the chairs I opted to wait.

So the company won't get a 10 in my book but not a 1 either. To be fair, I would say a 6 or a 7 is probably a better grade for them.


Priestlake38,you need to learn better grammar!!

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