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My family and I have opened a new restaurant recently; however, we ordered tables and chairs that totalled about 7 thousand dollars. We ordered weeks ahead AND paid an expedite fee to receive it faster.

We did not receive our order and are EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED. We STILL have not received our order + the expedite fee we demanded. If that isn't bad enough, the customer service is unbelievably terrible. I would definitly NEVER order from them again.

I still have yet to receive my order and am planning to take legal action. Because of the comapnies failure I had to open my retsaurnt with rented tables and chairs that I NEEDED TO PAY BECAUSE OF THEIR INABILITY TO DO THEIR JOB. The rented tables cost me around 3 thousand dollars.

Never have i cussed in my life, but this company has brought out the worst in me. Buyer Beware

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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