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We were supposed to get a refund for two missing patio tables in January but never received it. Since we were very busy in the winter I had never got a chance to follow up with them.

On April 2, I emailed them. Their customer service manager named Isaac L. responded that an urgent message had been sent to accounting. By May 2, we still hadn't got the refund and nobody contacted us to explain why it was taking so long.

I sent another email to Isaac. He responded, "I have asked for your refund repeatedly. Please help me escalate your issue directly to our CEO. His name is Nick Warren and his email is" I thought it was odd for them to handle a simple refund this way but emailed the CEO anyway.

Nobody responded. So ON May 30 I took the traditional way and called Isaac. I asked him why a $160 refund would take so long. He said he didn't know and that was how the company handled things.

I was shocked and asked, "Really? And this is how you as a customer service manager handle customers?" He said, "Yes. I don't know why you're wasting your time calling me. You should call you credit card company to ask for the refund.

" I told him it was their job to correct their own mistake. "Well obviously it's not going to get anywhere here. I think it's time for you to go a different direction to get your money back." He responded.

I was appalled by his attitude. This customer server manager was well-trained to make angry customers angrier.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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i agree check the order,however if you look atthe complaints for THISVcompany. That makes little difference CORRUPT

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #781438

When you receive an order, the shipper gives you time to check the order to make sure everything is there before you sign for it. If something was missing, you shouldn't have signed for the order.

Some people (not saying you specifically did this) claim there are items missing after the delivery to get some free pieces. This is why every business owner know YOU HAVE TO CHECK THE ORDER WHEN IT ARRIVES.

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